KRONCH high quality food for dogs that is based on fresh salmon and made in Denmark
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The raw materials

Source of protein:

Salmon: Added in the form of salmon bits cut off from fresh salmon, which are later used for smoking. These bits of salmon are cooled down to about 3 degrees Celsius, right up until the point where they are used in production. In other words, the salmon is treated as if it were intended for human consumption.

We aim to store the salmon for as short a time as possible, and normally the salmon bits are indeed used in production the same day they are produced. The salmon bits used are from Norwegian salmon, and wild Canadian salmon, and no entrails are used.

  • Fishmeal: Only Danish produced fishmeal of the highest quality is used, made of fish from the north sea.
  • Blood meal: Only spray dried pig's blood from Danish pigs is used. Blood meal contains approximately 87% protein and is easily digested. It is also a natural source of iron. All the iron in our feed is added in the form of blood meal.
  • Brewer's Yeast: is dried yeast from the beer production. It contains about 50% protein but is added due to it's Vitamin-B content.
The remaining protein comes from cereals: approximately 12% barley, 10% corn and 9% rice. No soy proteins are added, as these aren't utilized as well by the dog as fish proteins.

Source of Carbohydrate: Cereals

  • Barley: Danish grown barley of the highest quality.
  • Corn: European grown corn of the highest quality. (no genetically modified varieties)
  • Rice: European grown. So called “broken rice” is used, which was excluded in the production of cooking rice. In other words, it is the same rice as used for human consumption.
  • Sugar beet: Danish produced sugar beet pills

In the production of sugar, the beet are dissolved in warm water, leaving behind a mass resembling porridge. This “porridge” is dried and formed into pills. It is these pills that are added to our feed. These pills normally contain less than 1% sugar and large amounts of partly digestible plant fibers. Sugar beet are mainly added because of their fiber content, which stabilize the dogs intestinal flora, and ensures the dog a healthy and well functioning intestine, which helps give the dog's stools the right consistency.

During extrusion, the ingredients are heated up at high pressure to more than 130 degrees centigrade. This kills off all bacteria, and causes the starch in the cereal products to react with water, producing easily digestible carbohydrate. This carbohydrate is easily digested by the dog, unlike starch, which the dog cannot utilize.

Source of fat:

  • Salmon: See above. Contains up to 18% fat in the form of Salmon Oil. Properties: (see Kronch Salmon Oil.).
  • Fishmeal: See above. Contains about 10% fat in the form of Salmon Oil.
  • Fat: Only food-grade lard is used, meaning that is is the same as is used for human consumption. The lard is melted and sprayed onto the dry heat extruded pills, that absorb the lard.

The cereals are also sources of fat: barley ca. 3.3%, maize ca. 4.5% and rice ca. 1%.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Only approved minerals and vitamins are added. Furthermore, our feed is produced in accordance with the AAFCO norms.

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